Bad Break-Up Songs

As we carry on and work hard in the studio (which continues to be AWESOME btw), we are also taking into consideration other elements of the production- and one thing that has come up again and again is the music that we should utilize in the development of “The Break-Up/Break-Down”.  We have had many conversations about what songs have gotten us through painful break-ups and we have gotten such a great response of really beautiful songs that people would sing-cry to while they struggled through their pain.

But this is a comedy.  So we gotta lighten it up a little!  So, blog world- what are some break-up songs that you have heard that are either absolutely ridiculous and made you laugh, or that are SO BAD that you laugh at the ridiculousness of them?  We need your help! Here are some that we have been compiling. Let us know what you think of these, and help us find the very best!

First, good old “Flight of the Conchords”:


This version of this classic has been recommended to us, would you prefer the original?:


Is this silly or just sexy?:


This is actually the very first song everyone seems to think of when we ask for a “funny” break-up song:


We have a long list we are filtering through, but holy cow there is a lot out there!  If this post makes you think of your ridiculous/bad break-up song- please take the time to share!


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15 Responses to Bad Break-Up Songs

  1. Ray says:

    Oran Juice Jones – Walking In The Rain…the most pimp break up song. Silly rabbit trix are for kids!

  2. Brendan Cavalier says:

    I like this one …

    and maybe:

  3. Brendan Cavalier says:

    Tracks of my Tears, Smokey Robinson

  4. Brendan Cavalier says:

    and this one!

  5. Ashley says:

    This one is good, it references boys only being good for fruit, and she’s talking about bananas.

  6. JD Burke says:

    I’ve got a whole playlist of this $hit but here are some faves:




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